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“A Capital fundraising
campaign can never be
more than the foundation
upon which it is built.
A planning study is
that strong foundation
that under girds
every aspect of
a successful campaign.”

– Rob Waller / president,
Waller & Associate.

Our Services

Capital Programs or Campaigns – We have directed over 100 denominational and congregational financial campaigns or studies in recent years. Ninety-five percent of our campaigns reach or exceed goal and all of them have reported the experience as fulfilling and full of meaningful benefits to the congregation’s future.
Increased Congregation Income Programs – To fulfil the congregation’s vision and needs of mission and ministry, we have developed a highly-effective program to increase congregation income by 25-40% in one year. This six-week program, with a strong spiritual and educational component and a minimum of organization, has been used successfully in congregations of all sizes.
Congregational Development Programs – Waller & Associates provides on-going consulting with congregations that want to develop the congregation as a community of faith and as a healthy organization or establish a new congregational vision.
Consultative Services – Waller & Associates provides on-going financial development services on an “as-needed” basis. We write and implement programs for special needs, circumstances and opportunities.
Gift Planning or Planned Giving – Many faithful people wish to continue to support their congregation beyond their lifetime. Waller & Associates is equipped to provide services in planned giving, with particular emphasis on immediate planned gifts that provide a benefit for today.
Planning/Feasibility or Resources Capacity Studies – Successful campaigns most often start with conducting a Planning/Feasibility or Resource Capacity Study. These studies are developed uniquely to test attitudes, support for the ‘case’ for funding, financial potential, volunteer availability and congregational readiness. Our high campaign success rate speaks for the thoroughness of our studies.
Stewardship Seminars – We have the resources to plan and implement stewardship seminars using the latest technology through webinars or through on-site workshops.
Congregational Visioning and Strategic Planning – We have the capacity to work with a congregation in the development of a fresh vision and strategic ministry plan. This is an important prerequisite to successful financial development. We assist congregations to develop a clear and faithful vision and direction as well as the strategic steps for fulfilling that vision.

We promote cost effective programs, tailored to the specific needs of our clients and the fundraising activity. Professional fees are based on a “fee for service” basis and not as a percentage of money raised. All costs are stated up-front before any agreement is signed.

Our philosophy is not to do anything for our clients that they can afford to do themselves unless specifically requested. There is no financial cost or obligation for the first consulting meeting or two until there is a clear agreement signed about the work to be completed.
















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