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Click here to read an Article for the Diocesan Times, August 2009
— The Reverand Canon Harold Munn, St. John the Divine Church, Victoria BC
The value of Rob Waller's work is the value of independent opinion and
advice in the difficult area of fundraising for non-profit organizations. Organization 'insiders', especially in Christian organizations, may be too blind or too polite to say what needs to be said — both the bad and the good. For this reason, we valued Rob as a critical member of our capital campaign team at Immanuel Christian Schools. Rob kept our board and capital campaign committee on track and on target. His input was pivotal in helping us achieve the fundraising success
that we did.

— Les Visser, Immanuel Christian Schools
Our campaign was going nowhere, fast until we brought in Rob Waller as our campaign consultant/fundraiser. Experience, integrity and a plan make all the difference.
— Ms. Loretta Bell-Hardy, Campaign Co-Chair, Camp Hurlburt

Last fall we had an excellent Stewardship Programme at St. Andrew's-Wesley — 180 persons/families visited by forty to fifty trained visitors; an excellent increase in pledged givings, stretching into the next five years; and a sense of new energy and spirit. Without the outside, professional help of Rob Waller it could not have happened. Rob brought expertise and experience, an approach deeply rooted in faith, and a supportive, encouraging style that both eased people's worries and provided a boost in confidence. The programme was successful in so many ways — and we actually enjoyed ourselves!!
— Mr. Gary Paterson, Pastor

We used Mr. Rob Waller’s services during a time of transition when our school moved to a permanent site. Mr. Waller was tasked to complete a feasibility study of our school community and we subsequently launched a campaign that generated funds in excess of our objective. Mr. Waller was a competent and comprehensive mentor. Through his guidance and the knowledge we gained during this time, our committee moved forward in forming a Foundation. Our experience with Mr. Waller was enjoyable and I would highly recommend his services.
— Dr. Anthony Ciammaichella, Chair, Aspengrove School

In 2004, Regent Christian Academy was anticipating a season of growth. Mr Rob Waller did a presentation to the school board, offering his experience and expertise in fundraising through capital campaigns. Mr. Waller’s professional and encouraging presentation was a catalyst for the Board’s decision to move forward with its plan to build. Throughout the campaign Mr Waller advised and led a team with warmth, sensitivity, and patience. He demonstrated an understanding of the needs of our community, shaping his strategy accordingly. After the campaign, Mr Waller made frequent visits and telephone contacts to offer encouragement and to monitor progress. We, at RCA, were very impressed with Mr. Waller’s leadership from beginning to end. Through Mr Waller’s skillfulness and personal qualities, we experienced a winning campaign.
— Paul Johnson



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